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Starting from 0

Start with yourself!

Introvert or Extrovert?

Silence or Talking?

Technology or Fresh Air?

Short-term or Long term?

Here you can start your journey:

HDC Fund

With the HDC Fund, if you are listed as homeless, you are guaranteed a £5 debit card to spend Monday to Thursday. You can also earn money by wearing T-shirts or bibs with local businesses’ logos or international brands. The company staff will distribute the clothing in the city centre. You do not need to register on the website, but you will have to fill out a short form to give the staff permission to check that you are listed as homeless.
Finally, the HDC Fund staff recommends setting up your micro-business that you can run from your downtown location. For example, if you wanted to offer passers-by to play chess for £2 per game, we would arrange for a chess board and a sign to indicate your offer. Talk about your idea, and we will do our best to help you realise it.

The money you generate from your business will be yours. You can earn up to £50 per week plus the money you generate from your micro-business! (click here to find some ideas)

You can start thinking big when you get £200 per month and are not renting anywhere.


Online MarketPlaces

You could access a library and join an online marketplace. These platforms allow you to buy and sell both digital and physical products. It’s enough to learn a specific task about the latest technology and offer your skills for a modest price. You could also create a craft item, like soap or furniture, and sell it online.

If you make  a good product you can easily reach £1,000 per month. Please care about the feedback!

People will buy your products more willingly if they see many positive reviews!


Sports Champion​

If your mind is strong and your body challenging, you can join a local team or train yourself to become a pro.

Many champions start from nothing. Oxygen and passion lead them to glory.

If you become a champion, you can become an annual donor to the HDC Fund!



Playing video games can be very lucrative.

You can film yourself while you play, comment on how you play and upload your videos online. At the same time, you can play live streaming on different platforms.
If you have passion and fun, people can make much money just by playing video games!


Music Wizard

If you love music, why don’t you start playing an instrument? Or becoming a DJ.

You can train your voice and become a singer!

You can then start selling your piece of art both online and at the marketplace!




You can start writing books. If you love searching for information, you can create channels on YouTube to share your discoveries.

There are no limits to what you can do!


One Final Note!

In almost every city in the UK, there are already amazing organisations providing food for free at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Other organisations provide clothing for free as well!

If you can get real money, think you have everything you need to enjoy life and care about yourself!

Finally, do not get us wrong; life does not mean becoming rich or going after money, but we put together some ideas to give a direction to anyone who needs it!