We are a group of individuals who believe in win-win-win solutions. Everyone keeps their privileges, all share the same ridiculous effort, and the social welfare of the community increases.

How does the HDC Fund work?

The HDC Fund consists of two instruments.


1. The Homeless Financial Reserve (HFR)

this is a fund established through direct donation using the following four income categories as its income base:

 a. Income from Employment
 b. Income from Self-employment and small and medium-sized businesses
 c. Pensions
 d. Income from large companies

Considering the aggregate value of these four categories, an annual voluntary donation of much less than 0.5% of one’s income is enough to constitute the annual homeless financial reserve.
The aim is to donate £5 daily to every homeless person from Monday to Thursday so they are not obsessed with finding change.


2. The Weekend PowerUp (WPU)

this tool connects local business owners with the homeless. Homeless people can contribute to the visibility of local businesses by using their skills and thus generating sponsored art-based corners. (presence, storytellers, fire-eaters, musicians, painters, mathematicians, jugglers, croupiers…)