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Life is challenging at the best of times and can quickly become overwhelming. Poor health, stress, anxiety and depression take their toll on our physical and mental well being making everyday tasks even harder. However, this path does not need to be followed, you can choose a different path by making changes to your life and rediscovering better health and a positive future.


At HDC Fund we promote positivity and self help. We believe everyone has the potential for success but only each individual can activate that potential. We like to use the concept of the body container – every living being is a container holding physical elements such as bone and muscle but also mystical and intangible elements such as the soul or emotions.

Our container is an amazing creation, it is designed to be highly effective and achieve great things when in sync with the world around us. Unfortunately, many of us are living in a way that is actually harming our body containers. When we damage our containers we lack energy, experience negative emotions such as depression, and disengage from the world around us. We are also out of sync with ourselves and our environment so we fail to benefit from the natural energy surrounding us.

To improve our physical and mental well being and restore our body container to a state of vitality, we need to repair and re energize it. Plenty of formulas exist, but to energise our containers there are 5 key areas to focus on: Nutrition, Basal Metabolic Rate, Sun, Happiness and Purpose.


As well as looking at the ways to energise our container, It’s also important to look at what might be harming our containers and what we can do to change those behaviours. The aim is to train ourselves to use the power held within our containers to increase our will power, improve mental stability, overcome addiction and achieve optimal physical fitness. Improved health leads to improved self confidence and a more positive outlook on life which sets us up for success.

One of the best ways to improve mental stability is through meditation and mindfulness. Regular practice can improve focus and concentration, reduce stress and enable us to engage with ourselves and better understand our bodies. It is easy to learn and can be modified to suit your needs or preferences.

All the information and resources you need to get started and make a positive change to your life are just a click away. Start exploring and learning more about your body, its potential and simple changes you can make to transform your future.

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