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Terms Of Service


These are the Terms of Services offered on the HDC fund website.

HDCF CIC is a community interest company that acts as a medium between the community, people experiencing homelessness, local businesses & International Brands.

HDCF CIC holds public liability insurance, but every community member providing services dealing with the public is responsible for his actions whenever professional conduct is not well respected.


We, us, our team, “our”: HDC Fund, HDC, HDCF, HDCF CIC, hdc.fund website.

You: Community member, Customer, Subscriber.


HFR: Homeless Financial Reserve

WPU: Weekend Power Up

For Community Members Experiencing Homelessness

  • By joining the hdc.fund website you authorise us to verify that you are on the municipal homeless list.
  • When you join the WPU programme you are responsible of your actions during the execution of your performances.
  • When you join the WPU programme, while performing, you must assume a professional state of conduct. Performances in altered states of consciousness are not accepted and may result in the restriction of access to the HFR and WPU programmes.
  • In order to get access the Homeless Financial Reserve, you need to be listed on the municipal homeless list.

For Community Members & Business Owners

  • By joining the hdc.fund website, you can purchase marketing services that positively impact your brand’s visibility.
  • Every service will be provided with a video proof of execution.
  • In no case are full or partial refunds granted.
  • Only if the proof of execution of the package has not been delivered will the service be provided again.

Updated on 18/09/2023

Homeless Financial Reserve & Weekend PowerUp

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