If you are homeless, you have undoubted advantages because you have no particular expenses that can affect the performance of your business. By joining the hdc fund you have the opportunity to receive a daily contribution of £5 from Monday to Thursday and to contribute to the visibility of local businesses as well as to the visibility of big brands simply by dressing up T-shirts with special inscriptions and learning games or ways to entertain the public around you. You can earn extra money without having to beg and without pressure.

Find inspiration from these extra activities:

Offer the public a chance to play chess with you.

There are plenty of easy-to-learn games you can offer your audience, from chess to checkers, from rock-paper-scissors to odd or even.

Entertain the audience with mathematical games.

You don't need to be a scientist to learn a few mathematical tricks, there are plenty of explanations on the internet for you.

You pretend to sing a song while lip-syncing to the original author.

Having a radio or stereo and a good dose of sarcasm would be best.

Storytelling for children

You can find a lot of great stories for free at the library. Better if not too long because people are always in a hurry.

Fire Eater

The safety of your audience is the most important thing. If this idea appeals to you, take time to learn this art so that you do not cause danger to people.


There are endless dance styles and you can use your skills to create a new style of street dancing.