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The Container Intro Copy


The body is the container of our intelligence, self-consciousness and memories. We should have a few doubts about it. But ancient and recent literature see the human body also as the container of our Soul, Mind and Spirit. These are not just names but atom-level textures or ethereal bodies with their consciousness living within our containers.

For some scholars and traditions, this consciousness can be hosted simultaneously in different containers or, at least, can be transferred from one container to another using methods based on frequencies and vibrations.

Finally, depending on the source, many agree that not all beings, including humans, have all those components in their containers.

We list different sources of knowledge, from ancient texts, yogi and ufology, that use other angles to describe the same things. So you can understand the subject and decide whether to investigate further.

Regardless of everyone’s perception of what those resources describe, it’s clear the body is the container of something important. And this also makes our bodies important.


But our container, as much as each container on Earth, is the first mistery of creation. It’s the first gift from the universe. It’s the raw material from which you could build something close to perfection.

Regardless of our intelligence and what our bodies include, the container itself is important simply for its existence.

In the world of matter, animals, plants, or whatever is on earth have their container.

Usually, from our container, we can determine our species. And we should not underestimate plants.

Many studies and research show how plants are as highly conscious as humans.

ScientistScientists have estimated that there are around 8.7 million species of plants and animals in existence. However, only about 1.2 million species, most of which are insects, have been identified and described. This means that millions of other organisms remain a complete mystery.s have estimated that there are around 8.7 million species of plants and animals in existence. However, only about 1.2 million species, most of which are insects, have been identified and described. This means that millions of other organisms remain a complete mystery.

Our containers are not important just for their content but also for their biodiversity.

There are millions of containers on Earth, and despite within the same species we share the core features, every container is unique and well described by its DNA.

Regarding humans, which chromosome from each of the 23 homologous pairs of both parents is inherited is a matter of chance.

There are 8,324,608 possible combinations of 23 chromosome pairs.

As a result, two gametes virtually never have exactly the same combination of chromosomes. Each chromosome contains dozens to thousands of different genes. The total possible combination of alleles for those genes in humans is approximately 70,368,744,177,664. This is trillions of times more combinations than the number of people who have ever lived.

As mentioned before, because each DNA is unique, each container is unique, so your container is important for its unicity, also referred to as biodiversity.

Finally, before closing this introduction, we would like to point out the potential of our containers.

According to several scholars, ancient texts, including the Bible, have been mistranslated to allow our rulers to implement different civilisation models throughout the planet.

These theories trace their origins to the ancient astronaut’s theories, and one famous researcher is Zechariea Sitchin, born to a Jewish family, raised in mandatory Palestine and graduated in London.

The main argument of its research is that the Gods of Sumerian texts were beings from other planets (Announaki) with advanced technology and advanced knowledge, capable of editing human DNA to create workers or using them for administrative roles.

This is supported by the fact that 2016 Kazem Finjan, the Iraqi Minister of Transport, claimed at a press conference that Sumerians had built and used an airport in the Dhi Qar Governorate to launch spaceships 5000 years ago. He cited the work of Sitchin and others to support his assertion.

Other than the Sitchin fantastic experience and work, in the past 20 years, several scholars offered a similar context of the Bible and other ancient civilisations like Atlantis.

Graham Hancock contends that tens of thousands of years before ancient Mesopotamia, Babylonia, and Egypt (that is, deep in the last ice age), there existed an even more glorious civilisation — Plato called it Atlantis — that was so thoroughly wiped out by a series of comet strikes around 12,000 years ago that nearly all evidence of its existence vanished, leaving only the faintest of traces that he thinks include a cryptic warning that such a celestial catastrophe could happen to us.

Indeed, about the Bible, according to Mauro Biglino and Paul Wallis, the term “Elohim” refers to advanced beings from outer space, and it does not indicate the name of God.

They did show how the Bible is a collection of stories about Israel and their Elohim, and it has nothing to do with the omnipresent God of the bible promoted by most of the Priests.

They also provide a method to verify these amendments by ourselves. They suggest reading the Bible without translating 5-10 terms (including Elohim, Kavod, and others).

By not translating those words, we’ll get a context entirely different from what we already know. And with little effort, we could understand what those words mean.

According to these scholars, these Elohim were a kind of military force who came here to instruct us. They taught us where to poo and how to behave with our companions and provided the basics of finance as we know it today.

Some of them also loved Human women and contributed drastically to the formation of our civilisation.

According to these authors, these Elohim lived much longer than we did, exactly as much as the first Adamites (humans). They edited our DNA to make our containers aging so we could understand the difference between Father and Son as much as Mother and Daugther.

But, according to these studies and theories, our human containers could potentially last more than 120 years.

We could include all these studies in the “ancient astronauts” theories niche. Anyway, despite each scholar studying different periods of human history, their studies draw very similar conclusions.

Some situations, like Jesus Christ and the great flood, have happened repeatedly in the history of humankind.

And there are many archaeologists, researchers, and scholars all over the world who confirm those concepts at least partly.

Also, suppose you feel extraterrestrial intelligent species are abstract or fantasy. In that case, we suggest you take some time to see documentaries about UFOs showing how they prevented nuclear attacks in our previous wars, news claiming murder, abductions and interventions both with negative and cheerful tones, and especially the last coming out from US officials in Capitol Hill.

So, we certainly do not know the potential of our containers, and we especially need to understand how to use this potential.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNiPCV6cAP4 Congress holds hearing on UFOs after whistleblowers claim government kept information secret

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15FoQ37js_8&pp=ygUIaGlsbCB1Zm8%3D Witnesses Frightened For Their Lives

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJqwi3-10XU – Alien Remains Come in a ‘Variety’ of Shapes and Sizes

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwzBO3LsGSQ – UFO preventing nuclear war

We made an introduction a bit long with the only purpose of giving a context to what someone calls a “container”, which is our human body.

We pointed out how the body is significant because it may contain something important, but it’s also important because the container has its meaning and mysteries.

It’s important because of the biodiversity factor.

And finally, its potential is unlimited because its characteristics are editable thanks to its DNA and RNA.

Although we can get some hints from ancient texts and regressive hypnosis, we must admit that today’s knowledge does not allow us to truly understand its potential.

Now that we have realised what a container is and that our body is not just flesh and bones, we explore the requirements of our container. After a brief introduction, we see how we can energise it with minimal economic efforts.

This is very important because everything in the Universe is energy and vibration. Although we may have opposite perceptions of reality, harmonising our container vibrations is the first step to creating a more perfect and sustainable community.

The world looks great when we feel energised and enjoy breathing and smiling easily at people.

Usually, we get a bit excited, too.

On the contrary, when we feel low energy levels, we want to rest alone and escape society.

Even at the same age, humans do not have the same energies.

It’s the Jing element of the Eastern tradition, also referred to as Kidney essence; it can be summarised in two parts: the Yin, being congenital or prenatal, and the Yang, being postnatal or acquired.

Something in the open is that children have more energy than adults.

Children have more energy during physical activities and can recover faster than most adults, a new study finds. If you think running after your child is a workout in itself, you’re not alone. Children have greater energy levels than well-trained adult endurance athletes, a recent study found.”


Unlike adults, kids are able to use more of their aerobic metabolism, which allows them to be less tired from high-intensity exercise. Their muscles also recover faster, because their bodies don’t produce as much lactic acid as adults. You might remember your younger self being quite energetic.”


Each animal, including humans, requires energy; we get energy mainly from food, and our body transforms it into spendable energy for daily tasks.

Usually, each living being requires a certain amount of energy according to its body size, body age and brain activity, but other characteristics influence this process.

Let’s dig quickly into it, analysing the animal bioenergetics world.

“No energy system is one hundred percent efficient, and an animal’s metabolism produces waste energy in the form of heat. If an animal can conserve that heat and maintain a relatively constant body temperature, it is classified as a warm-blooded animal and called an endotherm. The insulation used to conserve the body heat comes in the forms of fur, fat, or feathers. The absence of insulation in ectothermic animals increases their dependence on the environment for body heat.

The amount of energy expended by an animal over a specific time is called its metabolic rate.

Metabolic rate is estimated as the basal metabolic rate (BMR) in endothermic animals at rest and as the standard metabolic rate (SMR) in ectotherms.

Human males have a BMR of 1600 to 1800 kcal/day, and human females have a BMR of 1300 to 1500 kcal/day. Even with insulation, endothermal animals require extensive amounts of energy to maintain a constant body temperature. An ectotherm such as an alligator has an SMR of 60 kcal/day.”


So, body size, age and activity, brain activity, endothermic vs ectothermic energy systems and the external environment are the main factors that influence the energy requirements and, thus, the energy requirements of each individual.


Finally, there are specific situations where energy requirements/production spikes.

For example, pregnancy and beliefs.

The production of babies requires approximately 80.000 calories more during the whole pregnancy.

When you believe “something”, you know it’s going to happen, and you put effort into creating that environment, you will direct more energy towards that “something”.





One of the most fundamental ways that the mind is used to direct our energy is simply through developing awareness. Once we have even a little awareness of our energy, we are able to tune into that and use our mind to direct the functions of our body to create more of what we sense.”


It relates to the electromagnetic waves we develop within our minds and hearts. Our mind is the electric field. Our heart is the magnetic field.


As an electromagnetic wave moves, its electric and magnetic fields encounter objects. These vibrating fields can exert forces on charged particles and magnetic materials, causing them to move.”