It’s essential to know when you are fueling but poisoning your container and when you are fueling it only.

Some kinds of foods give you energy, but they are not suitable for your body, and you should consume this kind of food only a few times a week. Indeed, there is food you can enjoy every day.

An essential tool in the Western tradition is the food pyramid.

The food pyramid evolved along the years. So you should keep an eye on it from time to time.

For example the role of meat in the pyramid lost many positions in the past years, today, red meat is considered carcinogenic.

This pyramid is very easy to learn, and you can consequently arrange our diet.

On the other hand, we know this tool provides only a broad direction in dealing with food.

Some people may have deficiencies in specific organs and cannot use the pyramid properly.

For this reason, we integrate this tool with the Eastern tradition. In Chinese Medicine, each organ is assigned a colour, so we must choose food of the same colour to benefit one specific organ.

If you have a faulty stomach or reflux problem, the recommended vegetables at the base of the food pyramid may create issues for you. Potato and yellow food may help you to address the issue.

Finally, we end this paragraph talking about vitamins, the most essential nutrients for energising your container.




Vitamins from fruit are the best ones. The sun’s energy, phytochemicals, and fibre in fruit cannot be found in supplements and multivitamins. Whenever you eat fruit, you consume the sunlight, too.

From the tab, you see a list of vitamins and minerals, and you can note that vitamins C and E have a high upper limit daily intake, 2000mg and 1000mg, respectively. Those vitamins are essential for your well-being and can be found quickly and cheaply.

Vitamin C can be found in Kiwi. Most of the vitamin C is in the kiwi skin, not the pulp. Most people do not eat it because it’s hairy, but you should.

Before eating it, you must purify the skin from chemicals and leave the kiwi in a glass of water with two teaspoons of bicarbonates for 5-10 minutes.

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Vitamin E can be found in plant oil. It’s easy to find rapeseed oil cold extracted at the superstore.

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Everything is about what you get used to; if you eat junk food first, you will leave no space for fruit and other essential nutrients. It’s best to take fruit and valuable food first, during the morning or early afternoon.

It would be best to take care of fast vs. slow-digestive food, avoid mixing things up, and always take care of the calorie intake concerning the average calorie requirement of your day. If you eat more, you’ll probably have trouble sleeping.

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