The Homeless Daily Cash Fund includes the Homeless Financial Reserve and the Weekend Power Up.

There are three main goals

1. Giving all those who have lost hope the chance to get a small daily sum of money

If you leave someone with nothing, they are more likely to lose their mind. They no longer have the chance to take a whim, so they become obsessed in their search for change. The HFR aims to create minimum well-being conditions so that everyone can continue thinking about themselves and their potential.

2. Connecting the homeless to local businesses & big brands

Our second but no less important goal is connecting small businesses, big brands and homeless people so that those above can meet those below and the below can meet those above.

3. Moving from passive homelessness to active homelessness

Currently, most homeless people spend their time lying in the most visible places, asking for change. We can pay those who join the fund to help small businesses gain visibility, and, at the same time, they will be able to create a micro-business based on their skills. This would make homelessness only a temporary condition.