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Energising Your Container

You may have heard the term “manifesting”. When you have a goal or strong belief in “something”, you can make it happen by directing your energy to make it a reality. While some people actively practise “manifesting”, many experience it without a conscious effort. Simply put, when our heart is set on attaining something we automatically invest all our energy to try and achieve it.

We radiate energy from our body. We develop and generate electromagnetic waves within our minds and hearts. Our mind is the electric field. Our heart is the magnetic field.

As an electromagnetic wave moves, its electric and magnetic fields encounter objects. These vibrating fields can exert forces on charged particles and magnetic materials, causing them to move.”

To manifest and realise your dreams and goals, and send out positive electromagnetic waves to the world, your container requires energy.

Directing Energy with Qigong

As an electromagnetic wave moves, its electric and magnetic fields encounter objects. These vibrating fields can exert forces on charged particles and magnetic materials, causing them to move.”




When we feel energised our outlook on the world is positive. We feel happy and motivated and want to engage with others. We may even become restless and excited. On the contrary, when our energy is low we instinctively feel the need to withdraw from society and rest and recharge our batteries. When we are low on energy and need to disengage in order to recharge, we are unable to pursue our goals.

Natural Energy Levels

Energy levels vary from person to person. While children possess more energy than adults, energy levels amongst adults, even of the same age, vary significantly. Chinese medicine attributes this to Jing energy (also known as Kidney essence). It can be summarised in two parts: the Yin, being congenital or prenatal, and the Yang, being postnatal or acquired. Western science has demonstrated children are able to use more aerobic capacity tha adults and also generate less lactic acid so are able to recover faster.




Children have more energy during physical activities and can recover faster than most adults, a new study finds. If you think running after your child is a workout in itself, you’re not alone. Children have greater energy levels than well-trained adult endurance athletes, a recent study found.”


Unlike adults, kids are able to use more of their aerobic metabolism, which allows them to be less tired from high-intensity exercise. Their muscles also recover faster, because their bodies don’t produce as much lactic acid as adults. You might remember your younger self being quite energetic.”


All living beings require energy and our primary source of energy is food which our body transforms into spendable energy for daily tasks. The energy requirements for each living being varies depending on physical attributes such as body size, body age and brain activity as well as physical exertion and environment.

“No energy system is one hundred percent efficient, and an animal’s metabolism produces waste energy in the form of heat. If an animal can conserve that heat and maintain a relatively constant body temperature, it is classified as a warm-blooded animal and called an endotherm. The insulation used to conserve the body heat comes in the forms of fur, fat, or feathers. The absence of insulation in ectothermic animals increases their dependence on the environment for body heat.

The amount of energy expended by an animal over a specific time is called its metabolic rate.

Metabolic rate is estimated as the basal metabolic rate (BMR) in endothermic animals at rest and as the standard metabolic rate (SMR) in ectotherms.

Human males have a BMR of 1600 to 1800 kcal/day, and human females have a BMR of 1300 to 1500 kcal/day. Even with insulation, endothermal animals require extensive amounts of energy to maintain a constant body temperature. An ectotherm such as an alligator has an SMR of 60 kcal/day.”


Body size, age and activity, brain activity, endothermic vs ectothermic energy systems and the external environment are the main factors that affect an individual’s energy requirements. There are also specific situations where energy requirements/production spikes. For example, during a full pregnancy the body requires approximately 80,000 calories more as it generates new life.


One of the most fundamental ways that the mind is used to direct our energy is simply through developing awareness. Once we have even a little awareness of our energy, we are able to tune into that and use our mind to direct the functions of our body to create more of what we sense.”